Grass Masters

Client Testimonials

Carl Edwards - Executive Director of Soccer - Dulwich Earthquakes Academy

"Grass Masters looks after five of our playing fields. They have completely transformed two from unplayable surfaces into extremely well-maintained and useable fields throughout the year. The other three fields have either been developed or maintained by Grass Masters since their inception. These fields are immaculate and considered the best grass surfaces in their areas. The staff at Grass Masters is always available for our requests and amazingly accommodating with our needs for markings, maintenance and seeding strategies. The company is easy to communicate with, timely and professional. I highly recommend the service Grass Masters provides."

Jamie Gerrard - Director of Sport - Dulwich College Shanghai Pudong

"Adam and the Grass Masters team have held the field maintenance contract at Dulwich Pudong for over a decade.  During this time, their responsibilities have ranged from general field and grounds maintenance, seeding procedures, pitch marking, external event set up,  re-turfing projects and major field and irrigation projects.  Adam’s care and his understanding of the local environment, as well as working in a school setting, is excellent.  Schedules are often demanding and take a heavy toll on our fields, but the Grass Masters team works to a high standard and does a fantastic job of maintaining the quality of our playing surfaces throughout the year.  The Golden Bridge community field is one of the premier playing fields in Shanghai and stands as testament to the outstanding level of knowledge and skill possessed by Adam and his team.  I would happily endorse Grass Masters to any school or similar institution in the Shanghai area looking to take on a project to upgrade their playing  surfaces or simply improve upon their current field maintenance protocols."

Brian Bates - Activities and Athletics Director - SMIC Private School


"We’ve been working with Grass Masters for nearly 10 years and couldn’t be happier with the results. When they took over our field, we were a school with a dead field and no institutional knowledge on how to cultivate, protect and maintain a quality field. Grass Masters not only brought our field back to life, they also worked with us to create a new mindset and approach to field maintenance. Through their efforts, we now have one of the nicest grass fields for our CISSA and SISAC athletes to use for training and competition. I highly recommend Grass Masters to anyone that wants anything from a great playground surface, a top-tier soccer pitch, or even just an aesthetically-pleasing grass area."

Alex Brown - Athletics Director - Shanghai Livingston American School

"Since our initial meeting and assessments, Grass Masters has provided an excellent service in the upkeep of our field. In a short space of time, we have great growth, vastly improved drainage systems, and a much more even surface on which to play sports. Grass Masters has also helped roll and prepare our soccer field with expert markings. They are always flexible, work around our schedule, and have developed a field that is much safer for our students."

Freek Boelen - President - Shanghai Premier League

"For our soccer players in the SPL, a good playing field is what we need. However, what Adam and his Grass Masters staff have done for us over the years is make the field from GOOD to EXCELLENT to play on! It has been and still is always a pleasure to cooperate with the Grass Masters!"

Gary Willis - Director of Sport - Harrow International School Shanghai

"Adam and his team have transformed our playing fields since they started working at Harrow. Our surface is extremely well-maintained and useable all year round as a result of his expertise and seeding strategies. Adam is extremely accommodating with our requests, and our field markings are always clean and ready on time. Adam is efficient and easy to communicate with, and I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a professional service."

Christopher Scott - Assistant Head of Senior School - Dulwich College Suzhou

“We cannot speak highly enough of Grass Masters, their level of service, the quality of their work, and how flexible they have been! From their first visit, Adam and his team were very clear on several plans of action to remedy persistent issues with our main grass field. They submitted several proposals to suit our needs, timescale and budget, which we were able to choose at our convenience. Communication is very clear, timely and detailed - keeping us apprised of maintenance services, field status, and project progress. Adam and his team are also very flexible with the needs of our institution - tailoring their maintenance plan so that our fields get maximum use with minimal disruption. We can’t thank Grass Masters enough for their continued hard work and for turning our field into one of, if not THE best facility in the city.”

Tony Anderson - Director of PE and Athletics - Western International School of Shanghai

"While I met Adam in August 2017 - at which time I was appointed Director of PE and Athletics at WISS - he and his team have been under contract with WISS for the past 7 years. The Grass Masters team has worked hard at improving and maintaining our grass fields. Our goal is to transform our playing fields so that they may be used year round, rain or shine. Adam, with his expertise, has helped get our fields back in shape. He is accommodating with our requests, and our field markings are always done on time and as asked. Adam is easy to communicate with, listens to all suggestions, and welcomes feedback. I would recommend him if you are looking for a professional service."